forever bboying


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Yongguk fanboying over CL

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i feel like block b thinks bbomb is weird bc he is sort of normal like they will see him doing a normal activity like actually using a napkin while eating instead of just wiping his hands on the wall and they will make it into some huge deal like “LMAO……BBOMBS USING NAPKINS…CLASSIC BBOMB…………HAHA” and hes just staring @ them w/ tht face bc using napkins isnt anything weird why is he in this group save him

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short summary of taehyung and coolio’s relationship thus far 

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i wanna see you work out for me (c)

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What a glorious sight to wake up to. *cough cough* A shirtless Hoseok *cough cough*


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taehyung teaching the Korean essentials 

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